Welcome to the National Climate Science Center Early Career Affiliate’s Website

OCT 3, 2012    by WINSLOW HANSEN

2012 Bootcamp | Working hard

This project grew out of a week long workshop known as Climate Bootcamp, sponsored by the Pacific North West Climate Science Center. Graduate students, early career scientists, and people working at the science-management interface gathered from around the country to learn about the most recent advancements in climate science, practice ways to communicate climate science with broad audiences, and share expertise.

At the end of what turned out to be a phenomenal week, I think all of us began to grasp the potential power of the Climate Science Center Network for advancing our understanding of climate science, linkages between climate, ecosystems, and people, and  improving communication of climate issues with society. Using graduate students and early career affiliates as the catalyst, we developed this website to share ideas, stay in touch, ask questions, answer questions, and keep valuable connections strong. We hope to act as a conduit improving the flow of information among the Climate Science Centers and the broader community. Please feel free to read through blogs from our authors on a variety of climate related topics, ask questions and post potential opportunities in the forum, and join the community! We welcome guest blogs from those interested. Contact us if you’d like to get further involved.

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