The new ECCF celebrates its one-year anniversary!


When we relaunched the ECCF a year ago, we wondered how our products would be adopted by the Climate Science Center (CSC) community. A year later, we are pleasantly surprised by our success and can’t help but thanking all of you for the support and enthusiasm that has fueled our accomplishments.

Our writers have showcased CSC activities from coral reefs in Hawaii to the rain forests of Puerto Rico. In the past year we have featured stories on Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 in Paris, the challenges women and other under-represented groups face in the sciencestips for successfully passing graduate milestonessetting up a research program and laboratory group, and communicating climate science to the diversity of stakeholders and audiences that the CSCs serve.

As we are getting more connected through social media, we are even more impressed by the impact the ECCF is making. Our followers have increased by orders of magnitude, and our website is accessed from many countries around the world. We reach thousands of people with each blog we publish and promote through ECCF’s mailing list and of course Facebook and Twitter. Our contributors benefit in many ways from writing for the ECCF. As they receive expert feedback on their writing, they get more experience communicating with non-technical audiences and are able to promote their research with peers and professionals. Their published writing serves as samples for future employers and can develop new collaborations through our peer network.

The ECCF website supports the CSCs and the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center. We promote their science and research, provide a public interface for learning about professional activities for CSC early career researchers, and help increase public understanding of climate change impacts and adaptation related to ecology, society, economy, cultural resources. Finally, our mailing list and social media has increased the connectivity among the early career professionals at the CSCs and beyond by providing a venue for sharing career opportunities, meetings, fellowships, and webinars.

In our second year, we endeavor to continue to promote early career research, activities, collaboration, and networking as well as publish and promote the ground-breaking science done at the national CSCs. We are also looking forward to helping organize and participate in the first National CSC Student and Early Career Training, this fall in Amherst, Massachusetts. We hope to see many of you there!


The Early Career Climate Forum Editorial Board

For more information on the National CSC Student and Early Career Training, please check the NE CSC website.

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