Consensus, Understanding, and Integrity

DEC 4, 2017     ADRIENNE WOOTTEN Photo credit: Union of Concerned Scientists In my ECCF post in May, I discussed my concern about the politicization of scientists and the perception of that amongst conservatives and the general public. Recent papers add to my concern that the perception of scientists has become politicized, and will continue to be so, … Continue reading Consensus, Understanding, and Integrity

Using Climate Projections in the (Almost) Real World

SEP 5, 2017     ADRIENNE WOOTTEN AND JESSICA BLACKBAND In recent years, numerous climate projections (such as MACA or LOCA) have been made available for use in impact assessments and adaptation planning. However, the breadth of available projections presents a daunting challenge to managers and scientists who are trying to determine which projections are appropriate for a particular decision context. … Continue reading Using Climate Projections in the (Almost) Real World

Organization – One of the Keys to Reaching Goals

JUN 12, 2017     ADRIENNE WOOTTEN You know, I can’t count the number of times I’ve ended up in the position in this cartoon.  In the case of graduate school, this can be both detrimental and helpful.  Helpful, because when you are in classes it can mean that your homework and class projects get done on time.  … Continue reading Organization – One of the Keys to Reaching Goals

Confessions of a Conservative Climatologist

MAY 1, 2017     ADRIENNE WOOTTEN Looking back over the last ~10 years, it’s been a joy to be a scientist. I get to explore questions of interest to me and help climate science be useable.  Scientific communities are critical to society, so it’s important that they be trusted. It’s an interesting time to be involved in … Continue reading Confessions of a Conservative Climatologist