Looking Forward, Looking Back

 JUN 26, 2015     TONI KLEMM The 2012 Northwest Climate Boot Camp, birthplace of ECCF.Photo credit: Mark Schulze, Oregon State University The Early Career Climate Forum (ECCF) was started about two and a half years ago, in December 2012. After a small group of students and post-docs attended a great early career training hosted by the Northwest Climate … Continue reading Looking Forward, Looking Back

Introducing the Revamped Early Career Climate Forum: What, Why, How and Where

 JUN 24, 2015     MICHELLE STAUDINGER NE CSC Science Coordinator Michelle Staudinger and UMass Amherst Dept. of Env. Conservation Assistant Professor Ezra Markowitz Welcome to the new and improved Early Career Climate Forum (ECCF)! We (Michelle Staudinger, Science Coordinator of the Northeast Climate Science Center and Ezra Markowitz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation at … Continue reading Introducing the Revamped Early Career Climate Forum: What, Why, How and Where

Bill Hooke About the AMS Policy Program

 JAN 28, 2015     TONI KLEMM Dr. Bill Hooke directed the AMS Policy Program from 2000 to 2013.Photo: Toni Klemm The policy arena is not a place many scientists are familiar with and even fewer are trained to work in. To help scientists learn how the political process works, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) runs the AMS … Continue reading Bill Hooke About the AMS Policy Program

Obama Moves on Adaptation

 NOV 4, 2013     CARINA WYBORN Photo: gettyimages.com While the Australian Government is currently denying the links between bushfires and climate change (sigh…), President Obama has just released an executive order titled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change”. It outlines policy objectives, processes to “modernise” Federal programs, directives to Federal agencies who manage land … Continue reading Obama Moves on Adaptation